Commercial Credit Solutions

Credit Solutions

Expansion opportunities. Managing cash flow. Corporate initiatives and development. They can all take money. So Choice Bank has a range of solutions for you to draw upon. Not cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all solutions, but solutions specifically designed and customized to address your business’s specific needs. All of them competitively priced, and all of them designed to be managed as easily and simply as possible.

Business Overdraft

  • Covers your business obligations regardless of the balance in your account
  • You are charged the current rate of interest up to the limit of the pre-approved overdraft on the overdrawn balance
  • Available at all times to cover seasonal needs and unplanned or short-term expenses
  • Eliminates the worry of having a cheque returned or withdrawal refused
  • Provides security against miscalculations

Commercial Property Loans

  • Flexible financing on building new office space, expansion of premise, or purchase of investment properties
  • Customized amortization periods allowing you to comfortably repay the mortgage
  • Flexible financing on investment properties with terms of up to 20 years
  • Competitive fixed or variable rates to fit your individual circumstances

Business Loans

  • Financing designed to meet your unique business requirements
  • Loans for short- or long-term needs
  • Customized repayment programs
  • Flexible collateral options
  • Competitive interest rates

Business Lines of Credit

  • Complete control to take advantage of opportunities as they arise
  • Automatic access to funds
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Flexible collateral options

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Choice Bank offers a comprehensive array of banking services to meet your wealth management and corporate financial needs.

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