Choosing the Right Offshore Banking Partner

Choosing where to open your offshore company, trust, or account

Selecting the right location of where to open your offshore account is a critical part of prudent financial planning. Putting your capital into a bank that offers optimal micro- and macro- economic conditions is ideal. Belize has been the choice of over 3,000+ Choice Bank clients and continues to provide a financially sound location to grow your wealth.

Why Offshore?

Choosing to move your corporate or personal assets to an offshore location is a wise choice for high net worth individuals and corporations doing business internationally. The key benefits to offshore banking include:

  • Protecting your assets
  • Keeping your financials confidential
  • Reducing your tax burden
  • Simplifying your international business operations
  • The ability to use flexible business structures


Why Belize?

  • Globally, one of the fastest and more efficient IBC Registry
  • Exceptional record of peace, political stability and democracy
  • Stable economy
  • Robust legal and independent judiciary system based on English Common Law
  • Strategic geographical location and time- zone convenience
  • Reliable communication system
  • English, being the official language
  • Rational and effective regulation and supervision
  • Quality support services, including quality legal and accounting firms
  • Flexible incorporation and registration options
  • A corporate tax environment that reduces tax burden
  • No regulatory filings required
  • No public filings requirements except memorandum and articles of association
  • Single director or shareholder

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